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IKEA's $400 flat-pack city bike will hit US stores in February


I (Bob) like the idea of better bikes being more accessible to more people, but I wonder what people in the bike industry think about this... Davey Oil, Brad Loetel, ALex M. Kostelnik, Taylor N Hurley... any comments, or are there too many other things to worry about right now?

treehugger.com The next time you're going to pick up a few pieces of furniture from this iconic retailer, take a look at the company's new Sladda bike.

President Trump's inaugural walk will be along a bike path


Some snippets from this Public Radio International article follow... I (Bob) changed the default photo to make less depressing:

NBC Sports asked Trump when the last time was that he got on a bike. Trump replied: “That’s a tough question. That was many, many years ago. But I would say when I was about 7 or 8 years old was probably about it. ”

Trump really hasn’t said anything recently about cycling, other than to ridicule Secretary of State John Kerry for breaking his leg after falling off his bike while cycling recreationally in France in 2015. Shortly after Kerry’s accident, Trump vowed he’d stay away from cycling if elected president.


North Dakota Bill Would Protect Drivers Who 'Accidentally' Hit And Kill Protesters


This is NOT the presumption of liability law we are looking for!

Washington Bike Law has been working for years to legislate a presumption of civil liability against drivers involved in crashes with pedestrians or bicyclists. This legislation is justified because such people often cannot recall what happened and, with the initial burden of proof, are often without recourse against drivers' insurance companies or even their own insurance companies. A presumption of liability would motivate those with the most power to prevent crashes, and the most protection from them, to prevent them.

Not so with this ND bill introduced by state GOP Rep. Keith Kempenich in "direct response to groups of protesters blocking" construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Kempenich "claims protesters were seen jumping out in front of vehicles." His bill "would exempt drivers from liability if they accidentally hit a pedestrian," according to the Bismarck Tribune. “It’s shifting the burden of proof from the motor vehicle driver to the pedestrian,” Kempenich said. “They’re intentionally putting themselves in danger.”

huffingtonpost.com It's aimed at Dakota Access protesters, and it doesn't bode well.


Here's a fact for the car-centric: Bikes made cars possible. There are lots of facts in this article, but I (Bob) like this one:

"The first air-filled tires were created by John Boyd Dunlop to prevent his 10-year old son from having headaches while riding his tricycle on rough roads. His patent application stated interest in only cycles and light vehicles."


Paris Pushes Its Car-Free Streets Plan Even Further


Born and raised in France, I (Lauranne) enjoy going back home often, and I am lucky to have a boss who lets me do so ... My last trip there was a few weeks ago, and while in Paris, my family and I did what we always do: ride Velib' (Paris bike sharing system) to get around. It is a cheap, easy and super fun. I wish I could say that it is also safe. It is not, or at least not everywhere. Riding a bike in Paris still requires some skills and a good dose of faith. But fortunately, Paris Mayor has just unveiled an ambitious plan to reconquer the public space for pedestrians and cyclists, and has named 2017 "the year of the bicycle". It can only be a great year then, right?

citylab.com More car-free quaysides, more bike lanes and more green public transit.


Here's a nice reminder about the power of bikes and the people who ride them. Bikes save!

I (Bob) am sincerely hoping that this post in no way relates to the president-elect or his choice for attorney general who has said he thought the Ku Klux Klan “was okay until I found out they smoked pot." http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/17/us/politics/specter-of-race-shadows-jeff-sessions-potential-trump-nominee-for-cabinet.html?mtrref=undefined&_r=1

WATCH: The Italian cycling champion who used his hero status -- to save Jews during WW2

Do you know the story of Gino Bartali? You will...

---> if you love powerful stories, you'll love HistoryBites. Like our page now!

Tune into #CXNats Livestream on Sunday - USA Cycling


Good morning from Hartford, Connecticut where I (Jessica) am here supporting the young women from Northwest Women's Cyclocross Project at Cyclocross Nationals! Lots of snow in the last several days has made the course a snowy, icy, rutted slip and slide! My riders race at 10 am EST and you can catch the livestream here:


It's been an epic week of racing for all of the riders here in Hartford and we're excited to cap it off today!

www.usacycling.org $DESCRIPTION

Amp up Your Mid-Ride Photo Game with the Dobby Pocket Drone


I (Bob) am going to complain about another consumer product allegedly related to bicycling. DRONES...

Perhaps some of us go on rides that others want to see, but even better than watching someone else ride is actually riding yourself. And drones mess up the actual reality of riding... or anything else that drones now surveil. BZZZZZZZZZ....

Drones are the new smoking in restaurants. Some might enjoy it, but it's not without "collateral damage." Really, to quote BICYCLING magazine, do you actually want to "level-up your selfie stick"?

Lest I drone on... here is a reasonable opportunity for all of us to "just say no."

bicycling.com Your selfie stick just got leveled-up

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