Most Common Causes of Divorce 

The definition of marriage has been redefined as a result of cultural changes in attitude and conduct during the last 75 years. A focus on personal fulfillment and contentment has increasingly overshadowed the traditional notion of the wedding as a lifetime commitment. Even though marital education, marriage therapy, and family therapists are more common than ever, divorce remains an ongoing concern in society. Under such circumstances, couples generally seek assistance from a learned family law attorney. Because court proceedings and processes are complex and challenging, hiring them can help them get through the legal separation process. Click here to learn more

What are the primary reasons for divorce?

According to numerous research, the top three reasons for divorce are disagreements, irretrievable breakdowns in relationships, a lack of responsibility, infidelity, and an absence of physical intimacy.

Incompatibility between couples and a lack of common interests are, in fact, the least frequent causes. Besides these, a few more common causes of divorce include, 

  • Arguments, disputes, and an end to the partnership that cannot be repaired
  • Lack of dedication
  • Extramarital relationships/infidelity
  • Distance between the two people
  • Issues with partners’ communications
  • Domestic violence, including partner abuse that is emotional, verbal, or physical
  • Discovering that one’s partner has different views or morals
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Lack of romantic love or intimacy
  • One spouse does not contribute their fair share to the marriage
  • Financial difficulties or debt
  • young marriage
  • Incompatibility or a lack of common interests between the couples

Research shows that at least two or more divorced couples generally decide on separation for five main causes. Divorce surveys and studies list the following causes. 

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of dedication
  • Alcoholism and other drug use
  • Fiscal difficulties
  • Conflict/Irrational disagreements

Fortunately, despite the difficulties married couples encounter during a marriage, the probability of divorce decreases with increasing marital longevity. 

Additionally, marriage counseling, relationship education, and therapists specializing in family law help couples resolve disputes and create strong relationships before separation becomes unavoidable. For more details, you can even go seek the help of a family law attorney. By hiring them, you can get the best advice, guidance, and support on a legal basis. 

Marriage partners will be more adaptable to deal with difficulties that arise if they are able to approach their partnership with an open mind in order to prevent being disappointed by irrational, unmet expectations.