Consequences Of Violating A Probation In New Jersey

Probation charges often involve a few restrictions that are needed to be followed. If the restrictions are not complied with, the victim could suffer severe consequences. In worst-case scenarios, the judge can sentence the victim to a lifetime. 

If you have been a probation victim and need someone to defend your case, a New Jersey Probation Attorney will study the issue and assist you throughout the proceeding. Many cases witness the victim violating the restrictions imposed by the court. A lawyer can help find the right solution for your case. 

Consequences of violating probation in New Jersey 

  • Missing appointments with the probation officer 

A common violation the probation victim might commit is missing the appointment with the probation officer. Probation requires the victim to follow scheduled meetings with the probation officer. If these appointments are missed, the victim would not be able to negotiate the probation timeframe and would have to follow the exact charges and restrictions. 

  • Unemployment 

In some probation cases, the victim would be required to obtain a job and work under the term of probation. If the victim does not find a job and stays unemployed, the court can press charges against the victim. The consequence could lead the victim to additional probation terms, which could be extended further. To ensure the complication of being charged additionally, the victim should consult a probation attorney in New Jersey. 

  • Court hearing

It could be mandatory for the victim to attend court hearings after the probation hearing. These hearings are usually scheduled to monitor the progress of the victim. The court hearing can help in reducing the terms as well. If the victim missed the court hearing, their probation charge could extend by five more years. The victim should set aside everything except the date and time of the procedural hearing to ensure a reduced term. 

  • Visiting places or people 

The probation terms could require the victim to stay isolated from certain places and people. These factors are usually determined to keep the victim from any criminal activity. A gang member could be prohibited from visiting other members or where the gang usually meets. In many cases, the victims have violated the term of staying away from such factors. The victim might face life imprisonment when caught or found violating the term. It is always helpful to follow the terms and rules placed under probation to avoid additional charges or jail time. 

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