Consulting With A Family Lawyer: 8 Notes On Proper Conduct

A family lawyer in Singapore deals with many legal cases and issues. They can handle divorce cases to make the separation official, adoption situations when a set of parents is willing to take a child into their home, and sometimes estate proceedings to ensure the smooth transfer of assets to the descendants. Overall, they assist clients because they have the power and expertise to process cases. Think of them as people who guide you with everything.

In some cases, the problem lies within the client’s unawareness of things they should do, such as maintaining proper conduct at court, dressing up appropriately, and even keeping a professional relationship with the family and probate lawyer in Singapore.

There is no one to blame. Instead, our goal is to share some tips to help everyone if they wish to make things easier for them and the lawyer. Explore more of them in this article:


Not everyone is familiar with the legal process, dos and don’ts in court, the things your family lawyerdoes, and all the related matters in your case. The first step in becoming a decent client is knowing the legal process or learning your situation. For instance, if you are dealing with divorce, ask the lawyer what they are doing for you, the case you need to present in court, and sometimes things you should give up to avoid issues with your spouse and the family. (Tip: It is understandable to ask questions that may seem clueless because that is what they are for, to learn!)


The interaction with your family and probate lawyer is not the only person you should take note of, but also the family. First, maintain a healthy relationship with everyone, especially when there is a conflict of interest due to divorce or inheritance suits. Why? Things can get heated, and you would not want to face scuffles leading to additional charges. Second, there is no need to ask your lawyer about this because all it takes is basic behaviour and conduct to realise that you must distance yourself if there is a bit of a conflict. That is how you avoid being a headache for your lawyer.



Appearing calm and composed does not mean repressing feelings and bottling up emotions. Instead, the objective is to help you manage them wisely according to the place. For instance, there is no reason to act unruly against the other party in court because it will only earn you that dreaded personal protection order in Singaporeor a case much worse than that. With regards to your lawyer, keep a healthy relationship by avoiding any form of hostility against them because their job is to help you with their expertise. You can be calm when asking questions or composed during hearings.


A part of family law in Singapore is the complexity of cases because there are many people in the case. For instance, inheritance suits can be a headache when mismanaged because the lawyer might deal with an entire household or clan of fighting people. Aside from that, divorce cases sometimes involve the spouse’s families. If you wish to become a responsible client, always be in the loop with your lawyer to update them on the relevant matters and ask the necessary steps if something seems confusing. Besides, they are there to help you, so maximise their services!


Not just in courtrooms and other government offices, but learn how to watch your language because you and the family lawyerneed that at all times. First, always use safe and ordinary words when speaking about the case. An example is avoiding any form of slanderous accusations or speaking ill against your spouse during a divorce case. Why? It lets you avoid issues with them or PR repercussions if you are a prominent figure. Second, be on your best behaviour in court, and only talk if the judge asks you or it is part of the legal proceedings.



We are not asking people to reinvent themselves or try to adopt a persona to help them win a case, such as appearing to be a doting and caring mother when they are the opposite or looking like an honest male when you have a pile of accusations against you. On top of your professional behaviour, you must look decent at all times, even if your trusted family or probate lawyerdoes not say anything about it. There is no need to dress to impress, but the goal is to look natural while adhering to rules and etiquette. Be yourself, that’s it!


Even if you are close with your family lawyer because your friendship goes way back, unprofessional relationships that impact your case are a big no-no! Another situation is when the two of them get cosy and a bit too comfortable with each other’s company. Remember, the other party can use this against you and decrease your chance of winning the case, so think of the consequences before going the route you might regret. (Tip: Keep boundaries and never allow yourself or the lawyer to get closer. Your partnership is purely business or for legal purposes.)


Repressing is out of the question, but if you are about to do something out of anger, frustration, or extreme emotions, think twice and consider the consequences if you finally take the plunge. What does this mean? Your family or probate lawyer in Singapore is there to help you, and one way to become a responsible client is by avoiding taking matters into your own hands. Remember, there is always a legal and safe way of addressing problems, such as applying for a personal protection order to prevent someone from harassing you or anything along those lines. In short, be logical with your actions.

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