Who Can Handle Commercial And Business Matters?

Commercial law is a broad term for an array of legal services designed to support businesses to make money from products and services. It assists heavily with these commercial matters:

  • Transactions
  • Documentation and paperwork

These professionals help other company issues that require actions, motions, and issues in the courts.

What commercial law encompasses?

There is a range of topics, such as:

  • corporation law
  • securities and deviations law
  • finance and banking
  • taxation law
  • trade practices law
  • consumer law

If you have a business and dealing with commercial legal matters, these attorneys are legal professionals who could assist you.

How do commercial attorneys help you?

Commercial attorneys have several duties, it depends on the client’s needs. These are the common duties of licensed commercial lawyers:

Here are eight duties of licensed commercial lawyers:

  • Represent clients in court. The commercial lawyer is the legal representative of a business and represents that company in a court of law. Whether the business needs to appeal before the judge enters a room or faces legal charges, the commercial lawyer acts as the representative in litigation and defense. Representing the business in court means the commercial lawyer is responsible to prepare court documents and petitions on behalf of the client, for any further or reduced legal action. The commercial lawyer advises the clients, such as how to navigate the legal process and courtroom.
  • Draft legal documents. Commercial attorneys draft legal documents for organizations or businesses. These documents include:
  • Cease and desist letter
  • Business merger agreement
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Letter of demand
  • Privacy policy

The commercial lawyer will study the law and interpret each document to fully protect the business and ensure it keeps within compliance. The lawyer drafts the document, collects any necessary signatures, reviewing for accuracy, or supporting documents from the company executives. Attorneys often file the documents on behalf of the clients in the government’s online portal or the courtroom.

  • Anticipate legal concerns. Commercial attorneys advise companies on potential legal concerns in specific industries and practices. These attorneys help warn businesses when operations fall outside the rule of law and then present the legal concerns for the organization. They help companies draft internal policies, providing legal shelter for the business.

For instance, the company drafts an agreement between the business and customers that states no legal obligation for damages on behalf of the company. Commercial attorneys help the business plan in advance to keep unnecessary legal procedures and costs.

  • Address legal problems. Should a business face legal troubles, the commercial attorney acts as the representative and will work to resolve legal issues on behalf of the company. The commercial attorney forms a strong relationship with the executives of the company during the tenure.

These are only a few of the duties of a commercial lawyer, which can help you to deal with your company’s legal concerns.

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