Be Aware of Construction Accident Lawsuits in New York

People who work in the construction industry are likely to face accidents quite often. As per statistics, about 25% of construction workers particularly in the New York City must have faced accidents at least once in their career. 

Albany construction accident lawyers available in New York must have dealt with many construction-related lawsuits and among them, some of them were also worth millions of dollars too. If you are also working in any construction industry then you must know how you should claim your compensation once you met with an accident.

In the labor law of New York, there are 3 special sections that will allow any construction worker to file a lawsuit if he is ever injured while doing his job. These sections of labor law are:

  • Section 200
  • Section 240
  • Section 241(6). 

Under section 200, the construction manager has to provide enough protection from various hazards of construction works to his workers. In case, any employer allows to have an unsafe working condition or if he fails to correct any issues that were brought to his notice then the employee who is injured can make the contractors responsible for the accident. 

Under section 240, which is also called “Scaffold Law“, where there is a strict law related to the ladder, scaffolding, or any items that are used to work off the ground. Such injuries are called “gravity-related injuries,” and the law offers protection to workers under situations where they have fallen due to unsafe scaffolding.

What should be done after any construction accident?

The following are a few things that an accident victim must do:

  • First, he must seek medical attention. The person should never hide any injury from his employer. Not informing his employer will weaken his case. 
  • Even if the accident is not so serious but the victim must definitely seek medical attention. 
  • The injured person must have a proper record that he or she had sought medical attention.
  • An official report may be given to the employer to seek compensation for the accident. If the employee ever delays then he is likely to forget the circumstances under which the accident had taken place.
  • Also to make proper documentation for the accident, a piece of photographic evidence can put further weight to the report. Proper photographs of the accident sites will also be helpful to identify the main reason that led to such an accident.

Every construction worker in New York must be aware of all these so that his interest will remain protected.