Divorce: a shameful demise or an act of liberation?

When married couples hit rock bottom and there’s no chance for reconciliation, they are faced with the option of a divorce. Hollywood has countless dramatic accounts of how couples end up in “Splitsville” while high profile divorce lawyers handle their cases. Just this February 2021, we were all checking out Buzzfeed and TMZ when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally called it quits. Kardashian was represented by Hollywood’s most prominent divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, whose cases include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and many more.

Divorce is actually not as uncommon as you think despite evoking a multitude of emotions, interpretations, and conflicting beliefs. Globally, the average rate of divorces is at 4 for every 1,000 marriages. In Australia, for every 100,000 marriages registered, close to 50 percent of divorces were granted (based on 2019 Australian Bureau of Statistics). This is why you have family lawyers in Parramatta and in other major suburbs around Sydney who offer legal support to couples who finally call it quits.

Couples who choose to permanently separate from each other relationship-wise undergo a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety. The legal procedure alone can siphon off your savings and create toxic situations that worsen your well being. In the past, divorce lawyers don’t really look after your sanity and financial situation. Society frowned upon divorce and carried a stigma that makes you feel less complete and incapable of living a fulfilled life. But in recent years, there are law firms that made divorce less painful and more liberating.

For progressive legal practitioners, divorce is a journey towards healing and self-love. It is not a symptom of inadequacy, nor is it a lack of responsible parenthood. Family law lawyers will tell you that divorce is an option open to people who do feel that the relationship that they are in is no longer contributing to their growth and well being. It may also be an option to those who feel threatened by their partner or if their children are gravely affected by a broken relationship. While traditional views maintain that troubled couples should stick together and work things out no matter what, countless accounts from human history have shown the effects of such belief.

If Kim Kardashian chose to stick to Kanye West for the rest of her life, would she still find happiness? We can never be sure about that and we can only just speculate what the outcome would be. But what we are sure of, is that her divorce is helping her live a fuller and better life with her four children. And divorce lawyers can also offer that same sense of hope and healing to couples who want to live better lives after they’ve ended their relationships.

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