How to Resolve Tax-Related Issues by Using Tax Resolution Services

In the United States, it is the responsibility of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to collect federal taxes and ensure there is no non-compliance. In most cases, people will not think about IRS until during certain times when they are expecting a tax refund. However, the IRS may contact an individual or enterprise outside the tax season. In most cases, the IRS makes its presence when sending a notice to taxpayers when they have issues with late filing, inability to pay, not filing tax returns, or owing taxes after filing the returns. Although the tax notice can be intimidating, there is no need to worry since tax resolution services help resolve the tax problems. Below are some tax problems faced by taxpayers and how to resolve them.

  1. Committing Errors While Filing Returns

Making errors while filing your returns can lead you to major trouble with the IRS. Common tax-filing errors include; wrong or missing social security numbers, incorrect names, calculation errors, erroneous calculations of deductions and credits, selecting the wrong filing status, failure to declare exemptions accurately, and others.

Committing errors while filing returns can lead to accruing money that might be hard to pay in one lump sum. Part of tax resolution entails assessing the returns to determine whether you were directly or indirectly in charge of the owed taxes. If you are supposed to settle the overdue, the tax attorney can collaborate with the IRS to offer you some IRS tax help and develop plans that make paying the tax you owe more manageable.

  1. Audits

During tax audits, multiple issues may occur, such as disallowed deductions or expenses, wrong audit findings, misplacing of invoices or receipts, or failure to report an income.
If you have issues with your audits, the IRS can send you a notice requiring you to be audited or threatening you to be levied. Since the auditing process can be distressing, you need to hire a professional tax consultant who will assist you in compiling an audit defense that will guarantee accurate and fair audit results.

  1. Mistakes Committed by IRS

You may face tax problems due to errors done by the IRS employees, such as misapplied payments, biased penalties, errors in data processing, delay in filing of tax returns, underpaid tax filings, and others.

If a problem made by the IRS faces you, you have the right to refute such claims by presenting evidence to support your case. Involving a tax representative will help you put together a transcript protest to help you avoid paying the alleged unsettled money.

  1. Unfiled Returns

Failing to file your tax returns can be a slippery slope as the Internal Revenue Service expects you to file a return every year. However, you may fail to file your tax return in some instances due to unavoidable circumstances. Non-compliance is an offense and can subject you to hefty penalties. A tax attorney can help you prepare returns for all the omitted years. They can also assist you in preparing the current returns and implementing tax plans for the future.

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