How Does Apologizing After a Car Accident Ruin Your Claim?

After getting into a car accident, the victim becomes overwhelmed with everything and may end up saying things that will affect their claim. In the heat of the moment, the victim may not realize what they are saying unless it starts reflecting on their claim. 

If you get into a car accident, the first thing you need to do is get medical assistance. Your health should be your priority. After seeking medical help, speak to a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer who can assist you on the legal steps. 

What happens when you apologize after the accident?

It is natural for human beings to show sympathy when they get into a collision. Even if you say you are sorry to show compassion towards the other driver, it may be surprising to see the insurance company use it against you. 

Your one “sorry” will make the insurance company think that you were at fault; hence you apologized. Even though the case might be different, the at-fault party will use it against you, and the jurisdiction and the insurance company may be compelled with this argument. 

Therefore, you must exercise your right to remain silent after the car accident and report it to the police. Remember, any statement you say will be used against you to refuse your compensation. 

Other statements that can affect your claim. 

While apologizing will affect your claim, other statements can also affect your claim. Soon after the accident, your insurance adjuster will call you. They may behave highly concerned about your injuries and manipulate you to say things that will be used against you. 

Saying things like “I’m fine” to the insurance adjuster will be used to refuse your claim to say that you are exaggerating your injuries. 

Additionally, after the accident saying things like “I should have been more cautious” or “I was unaware that you were around” will also portray that you are at fault. 

Hiring a lawyer

If you accidentally gave statements and believe that your case will be affected, you should immediately consult a lawyer. Even if you have accidentally made statements, a lawyer can help explore your other options to ensure the insurance company does not reject your case and argue for your rights on your behalf. 

Moreover, since a lawyer has complete knowledge of all the legal evidence, you will have peace of mind with your compensation amount while focusing on your recovery. 

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