The Lawyer Gets the Best Deal from the Insurance Company

There are many sections regarding accident and injury lawsuits, but the essence of personal injury remains unaltered. After the mishap, you must contact Bavariya law firmthe first step after administrating the necessary medical attention. The firm usually contacts the insurance company as they play a crucial role in personal injury petitions, particularly in car accidents. They often facilitate settlement and handle claims. If you are responsible for the damage, your insurer will settle the claim on your behalf to the other party for their medical expenses and other damages, if any. On the other hand, if the other party is at fault, their insurance company will pay the damage. The lawyer for you gets the best deal from the insurance company as they try to pay the minimum compensation.

Figure out their expertise

Before hiring an auto accident lawyer near Seattle, determine their expertise, success rate, and experience. The lawyer must hear the case attentively and in detail and inform you about the latest developments. Before filing the court case, the lawyer provides clear insight regarding the settlement value, estimated timeframe, and intricacies of the case. Another advantage is that their fees are contingency-oriented. You pay a certain percentage after you get the compensation. If the verdict is unfavorable, you only pay the court fee and other costs incurred during the legal proceeding.

Demand letter

After gathering evidence, medical report, police report, and witness statement, if any, they will draft and send a demand letter to the insurance company of the party responsible for the damage. The letter includes the degree of injury you suffered, the cost of the medical bill and loss of employment, temporary or permanent, and other damages, if applicable. The insurance company evaluates the demand letter and consults with your lawyer for an amicable settlement. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the settlement, the lawyer files a lawsuit for injury. The petition outlines the claims against the defendant, providing relevant documents and damages the plaintiff is seeking.

Discovery phase 

Once the petition is filed in the appropriate court, a notice is served to the defendant, usually by law enforcement personnel. This is an official notice of the pending court case, and the defendant had to respond within the specified time or appear for the hearing on a specific date. If the case is not mutually settled among the concerned parties, a discovery phase is conducted before the court trial. This stage allows both parties to deliver pertinent data to each other. Both parties are equipped with relevant information about the accident and could present before the learned judge during the trial session.

Document production and depositions

The discovery phase consists of written discovery, document production, and depositions. The first is about the request for admittance and interrogation, a set of questions to a person under oath to reveal the right information. In document presentation, both parties submit documents related to the lawsuit. In a deposition, the person on the dock under oath answers the lawyer`s question, which the court stenographer records. With Bavariya Law Firm, your lawyer stands beside you at every step helping you out of the complex legal proceedings.

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