Tips To Getting Your Client As A Lawyer: Automate Your Customer Acquisition

Content is important to convert your visitors into customers, especially to attract them to your website. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc., are a significant source of visitors to your website. Because you’ve published high-end content, search engines will index your pages for public viewing. Thanks to an algorithm considering hundreds of criteria, the engine will position you on queries such as “breaking commercial relations.”

Initially, you risk being poorly positioned, especially if the request is competitive. Then, depending on the public’s interactions with your content, the engine will reassess your position (positively or negatively) by relating the visitor’s search intention to your ability to respond to it.

It’s all in the interest of calling on me because I will compile a list of queries that are both sought after by the public and, simultaneously, a source of customers for your business. You will also have an outside eye on the quality of your content. You must verify that your content meets the visitor’s search intent. These are the steps that guide me when creating a website.

It is important to understand that your investment in content is rewarded by bringing in “free” and “automated” customers. Free because you don’t have to pay to acquire new customers whenever you want. Automated because you don’t need to take care of it; customer acquisition is made without any action on your part. Of course, you will have an investment in time and finances at the start. However, these investments are decor-related from the value you can capture.

This is the difference between content-based SEO (natural SEO) and advertising-based SEO (paid SEO). Advertising-based SEO will cost you a fixed amount of money to acquire a new customer every time you want a new customer and help you learn how to make money as a lawyer.

The cost of natural referencing is decor-related to the number of files you will open, in one direction or the other. 

You have no guarantees. However, the potential for gain exceeds the potential for loss. This is why law firms favor the choice of paid referencing in the short term and then gradually switch to natural referencing. The results of a strategy based on natural referencing take time to arrive. After the launch of your website, count twelve months before perceiving the effects. This is why it is important to create your website now. Launching a website without content and SEO strategy is useless. It is then preferable to use other tools, in particular directories of Lawyers or the Google My Business platform.

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