Digital Marketing And Law Firms In The 21st Century 

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed how businesses work, not just large multinationals or Silicon Valley startups. Today, sectors that have remained unchanged for decades face a myriad of new challenges and opportunities. It is time that we take the time to reflect on these changes. This week, comrade digital marketing agency will explain how digital marketing has changed how lawyers and law firms find clients. 

SEO Comes Into Play

After family and friends, we generally turn to search engines for sound advice. Google has become a popular platform for finding the services of a lawyer. In France, the word “lawyer” generates thousands of searches per month. 

As the results of searches on ranking Coach show, certain keywords related to this sector generate much more searches than others. 

When we see the search volume of some of these terms and know that the first 5 search engine results receive 67.6% of clicks, we understand better why their website appears at the top. Google results have become a marketing priority for so many law firms. A recent study showed that in the United States, 76% of law firms had invested in SEO, regardless of the company size.  

SEO is also attractive for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to build a long-term online presence. There are now SEO and digital marketing tools that are cheap and effective, allowing small and medium-sized law firms to optimize their website on their own and thus compete with larger companies and Best Law Firm Websites.    

SEO is also particularly advantageous for lawyers in countries like Germany or France, for example where advertising around this profession is highly regulated; it is one of the few viable channels for attracting new customers. Moreover, SEO is a much cheaper solution than a Google Ads campaign which can be extremely expensive, as we will see.    

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

The amounts invested in pay-per-click campaigns indicate the importance of digital marketing to law firms. In the United States, the legal sector is one of the sectors where keywords are the most expensive. Personal injury lawyers are among those who have to pay the most to have their ads appear in paid search engine results  


It’s amazing how some firms are willing to pay up to $50 every time someone clicks on their ads. With a term like “accident lawyer” generating around 22,200 searches per month, it’s not hard to imagine that advertising budgets could run into several thousand dollars per month, even if only a small percentage of internet users click on advertisements.  

If the prices are so high, it’s bound to be good for businesses, but it also means that it’s essential that they control their budget well to ensure that they get the best possible return on investment. 

To Each His Technique 

Small to medium-sized law firms can’t always afford a pay-per-click campaign. They, therefore sometimes prefer to focus their efforts on SEO to improve the position of their website in the free results of search engines. Starting with SEO is also a good way to find the most suitable keywords for a future pay-per-click campaign.


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