Truck accident in Palmdale? Don’t miss these pointers

Accidents involving semi-trucks, commercial trucks, and 18-wheelers are not unusual in California. Because these are heavy, massive vehicles, accidents often result in damaging outcomes. If you sustained injuries in such a freak on-road mishap in Palmdale, you must consider seeking legal advice. Below are some key pointers to note, along with reasons for hiring Palmdale Lancaster truck accident lawyers

You have limited time to file a lawsuit

California’s statute of limitations sets the deadline for truck accident lawsuits. You have a standard two-year time limit for such cases. However, the deadline is not applicable to insurance claims, and therefore, you should work on your claim right away and inform the insurance company without unnecessary delays. 

Your fault will matter

This is a pure comparative fault state. In other words, if you had a role in causing the accident, your final settlement would be lower. However, you can file an auto accident claim even when you are more than 50% at fault. In the real world, trucking companies and claims adjusters would do their best to prove that you are responsible for the crash. 

Truck accidents are different

Typically, drivers are the only parties responsible for passenger vehicle accidents. Things can be very different with regard to truck accidents. Firstly, the fault could involve multiple parties, such as the trucking company, the repair service, vehicle manufacturer, or even the cargo company in charge of loading. Also, commercial trucks and trucking companies are subject to different state & federal regulations, and gross violations are not uncommon. Finding fault and establishing liability can be challenging. 

Why should you hire an attorney?

Numerous law firms in Palmdale specialize in truck accident lawsuits, and your attorney can – 

  1. Evaluate the worth of your claim
  2. Determine fault and liability
  3. Help you initiate the claims process
  4. Explain your rights
  5. Gather evidence and key details
  6. Get witness statements
  7. Collect police reports 
  8. Talk to accident reconstruction experts
  9. Get conclusive evidence on your injuries from medical experts
  10. File a lawsuit when needed

Keep in mind that not all 18 wheeler accident lawyer montgomery al are experienced in handling matters in court. Don’t hire an attorney who likes to negotiate and settle claims at the earliest. Your lawyer should be ready to fight for you and take on big parties that are typically involved in truck accidents. Finally, don’t forget to check online reviews to compare local injury lawyers near you or ask for references. You deserve justice, and a truck accident lawyer can ensure that.

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