What is a Heggstad Petition & how it can be used?

Your presence on this site shows that you are here to learn something worthwhile about what a Heggstad Petition is & how it can work. Someone has likely missed out on transferring a real estate property before their death even though they had set up a living trust while they were living.

The idea of a Heggstad Petition

Before understanding a Heggstad Petition, you must first understand the problem otherwise you will not be able to understand the idea of what a Heggstad Petition is a how it works. Setting up a living trust makes no sense unless the real property or asset has been transferred in the living trust with a clear mentioning of it.

Forgetting to transfer the property in the trust

Whether it is a family or a friend of yours, forgetting to transfer the property is not uncommon. Visit this website and check out more about what this kind of petition is and how long it takes for the petitioner to have it approved.

In simple words; one of your deceased relatives or friends has left a trust that legally transfers their property to your name making you the next owner after their death, but unfortunately, they forgot to include real property or asset in the trust. In that case, you need to file the above-stated petition so that you can get the excluded property from the deceased person according to their trust.

Final words

Unless you apply for the excluded property to be included in the deceased trust, you cannot become the owner of that property. So, in this way, the use of the petition is very important for the person the deceased had left the trust for. The trust says that you are the owner of their property with the clear mention of all the assets and real estate property that the deceased owned, but a part of the property was missed out.

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