What It Takes to Convert Leads to Clients for Today’s Law Firms

It seems that the number of many types of legal cases making their way through America’s courtrooms has increased significantly over the past year according to a recent report. At the same time, a growing number of people are seeking legal assistance for various situations they’re facing. Studies indicate that at least 85 percent of consumers now conduct research online before deciding which attorneys to turn to for help. What does all that mean for attorneys? In short, it means they need to make the most of their online marketing efforts to bring in new clients.

Being Visible

For attorneys like Keith Magness who are operating in highly competitive areas of law, appearing at the tops of consumers’ search results pages is essential. You’ll find there are a couple of effective ways to do so, but they’re not necessarily created equally. Paid advertising is one way to get the top spots in search engine results for the types of legal services you offer. Utilizing SEO and organic marketing is the other.

PPC advertising will certainly propel you to the tops of the pages as long as you use the right keywords in your advertising campaigns and outbid competitors for clicks. It’s sure to get you noticed by numerous prospects as well. On the other hand, quite a few potential leads ignore paid ads altogether. Instead, they opt for organic search results, the ones generated by law firms that have all the right keywords and information in place on their websites.

Drawing in Prospects

Once you’ve made your way to the tops of the search results pages, you’re more likely to be seen by prospects. That’s when the time comes to draw them further into your website. This phase of the process entails providing information on your website that’s interesting enough to make prospects want to learn more and helpful enough to convince them that you’re the right attorney to cover their needs.

It’s also important to provide easily visible contact information and calls to action. If you offer free consultations, be sure to stress that point as well. All those measures will help make prospects more likely to reach out to you instead of moving on to your competitors.

Following Up

While taking steps to make your firm more visible and drawing prospects further into your firm are crucial, they’re not the only factors to consider. Following up with the leads who call your firm or fill out the form on your website to schedule a consultation is equally critical. In many cases, failing to follow up on those leads leaves prospects feeling like they’re just not important to you. In times when people are seeking professional legal help, that’s the last thing they want.

Converting Prospects into Clients

Marketing and advertising are essential especially in markets that are as competitive as the legal field. Having said that, it’s important to cover all the right bases in your marketing efforts. Otherwise, all the money you put into them will basically be wasted. Having the right lead intake system in place is the key to ensuring prospects not only choose your firm over others but make the ultimate conversion from leads to clients.

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