Reasons to Hire an Attorney after a Drunken Driving Arrest in Texas

Every year many people are getting arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) in Texas. It is considered a crime all over the world. Generally, these cases will be dealt with in the criminal court. People often underestimate the drunk and drive case severity and represent themselves if it’s the first time. Getting legal representation is the best choice because the charges of DWI are hard to manage.

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Without knowledge, training, or experience, it is hard to assess DUI cases as it changes constantly and is complicated to understand. Every DI case is different, so it is ideal to consult an experienced attorney who deals with DUI cases. Many lawyers will offer a free consultation for their clients.

Whether you will hire the lawyer you meet is your personal decision, but meeting a professional dui lawyer honolulu hi face-to-face will help you in deciding things will work or not. Remember to carry documents related to the case and report when consulting an attorney. The following are a few reasons that help you to understand why you have to hire an attorney for the DUI case.

Knowledge regarding the laws

Many factors will affect the DWI charges severity, such as alcohol percentage in blood, the severity of injuries or damages, previous alcohol-related reports, having a minor, and more. All these can impact the potential of penalty you have to deal with.

Drunk and a driving attorney will understand the weaknesses and strengths of the case as they will have good knowledge of related laws. Plus, an attorney knows well about the processes. With their experience and knowledge, attorneys will help people not getting charged harshly. Also, they will protect the rights during the arrest.

Knowledge over the evidence

DWI cases depend on the performance of people on breathing and sobriety test results. These results act as a necessary tool for the system to assess the case. Although many factors will affect the test results, a professional attorney will focus on those issues and raise them in front of the jury to question the evidence.

The suspected person has to go through a few specific procedures and tests. DUI attorneys know about those procedures and help in dealing with them.

Dealing with penalties

5 Reasons to Hire a DUI Attorney | Noll Law Office

If the suspected person is the DWI offender, the person has to pay various penalties, while a few are harsh. They include 3 to 180 days imprisonment, losing driving privileges up to a year, or a fine of $2,000. In few cases, the court will limit the penalty and order the offender to participate in the substance abuse education program. Also, the court may place the person on probation.

An experienced attorney is well aware of the maximum and minimum sentencing penalties of the state. They will use their knowledge of the penalties and their relationship with the prosecutors and court to fall out with the restricted penalties.

Cases that may not need an attorney

Prosecutors will offer Standard first DUI for the person who doesn’t have previous DUI convictions and there is no involvement of factors like injuries, high alcohol concentration in the blood, or accidents.

In such a case, the defendant can be represented by a public defender, private attorney, or no legal representative at all. Due to this reason, hiring a lawyer may not be required. Practically, this offer is just a beginning point. In few cases, accepting a plea deal is unadvisable, so before accepting take advice from an attorney.

Public defender

In general, a criminal defendant will have the right to hire a lawyer to argue. In case the person can’t afford it, the authorities will appoint a lawyer for the defendant. These lawyers will be from the public defense office. They handle several criminal cases such as DUIs and others.

Although these lawyers will know DUI defenses and laws, represented by them will have their downsides. They will handle several cases, so a few defendants feel as their case will not get good attention. Moreover, the defendant will not get the opportunity to choose an attorney – the court will assign the attorney. DUI cases will have two different proceedings, such as

  • Criminal case
  • Proceeding with DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), “administrative per se”

Private lawyer

A private lawyer will represent you in both criminal court and DMV proceedings. A public defender represents you only in criminal court, not the DMV proceedings. So, hiring a private lawyer will help you to achieve your goal.

Many people feel that hiring a private attorney is expensive, but it is valuable. A Private lawyer who has good experience in handling DUI cases will have in-depth knowledge of laws related to DUI arrest compared to others. In few cases, this experience will help you to obtain satisfactory outcomes like a dismissal of charges or better appeal.

Also, hiring a private lawyer will help you to reduce the time that you spend in court. It is because in few cases, you can appear only on significant dates. By this, you can continue with your daily routine without any disturbances. With a private lawyer, you can ask your doubts and questions comfortably and get answers for them.

Although you can represent a DUI case, these cases will have a lasting effect on your professional and personal life. So, it is ideal to hire an attorney because having trial skills and knowledge is essential to get the best outcome. Judges will also have less patience to listen to the cases represented by the defendants. It is because of a poor understanding of the court rules.

Not only do lawyers look at the key points of the case but also help in building a strong criminal defense as well. So, gather information on the private DUI attorneys, choose the best one who has sound skills, and book an appointment today to get out of the DUI case without high penalty.

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