What to Know About Joint Custody Child Support Rules

Joint custody refers to a child’s custody after the separation of a family couple or their divorce has been accomplished. In such cases, the parents share the responsibility of everyday activities of children including financial obligations.

For that matter, it’s essential for parents to understand the legal precept of such child custody and how much financial support they would get if they are ready to help their children raised even after their divorce or its legal process has been accomplished.

In this case family law attorney Greenville can be a proper solution to get, and even in the condition of a divorce, it’s better to visit a Divorce lawyer, Greenville who would explain it much better to handle such child custody after divorce.

In some methods, people believe that child custody matters might not require many legal concerns, but indirectly when it comes to physical agreements, the legal requirement is essential and comes to play its role well. For which they are required and available with ease in Greenville and can be considered in all such physical agreements for joint custody for which they are widely known too.

The Child Support Standard Act Statute 

This statute passed in the year 2008 governs all the rights and legal obligations connected to child custody for such separated parents in the United States. However, it’s not clearly mentioned in the act how much a single parent owes to his or her child or even how to handle the financial support in case of joint custody.

Instead, the specific court determines child support in case of such custody and for that matter, you would require Family law attorneys, Greenville, or in the condition of divorce, its better to have a Divorce attorney, Greenville to clearly negotiate such legal affiliations in such certain courts locally.

The rules in different local courts may vary and mainly govern by such certain factors that may include:

  • The local laws
  • The income of each parent
  • The amount of time spent by a child with each parent including the number of nights
  • And the specific needs of the children

In such conditions, mainly CSSA directs a court to ask a parent who doesn’t have a daily responsibility to take the larger share of such finances that may also be based on variables such as:

  • His or her income,
  • The numbers of children
  • And overnight care.

Although each state may follow differing principles for such financial support in joint custody, the amount of time spent by a child is a common benchmark to follow and hence brings the legal term of such time to consider while deciding such joint sharing.

The income share model 

Most of the state follows this model which allows them to decide on the basis of income and also the physical responsibility of allocating such children under the abilities to earn by such certain parents. In some cases, states follow a hybrid model where if the custody is split between parents, they better not have to spend their income, but it’s not the case everywhere.

The income of both parents is also a determining factor and plays a vital role in such cases of joint custody in hand.

How joint custody works a factor for child support 

In such a condition of dividing the physical custody as a responsibility in between the parents, most of the states decide to financially share in half paid amounts by each parent for taking care of their children in such joint custody.

For example, let’s say a single parent has the financial responsibility to provide 300$ a month including all his or her financial assets, hence when it would be shared in between both personnel’s, his or her effort would be reduced to 150$ and this is how it works as a joint factor.

However they have split the personal custody for the child, they may still have to financially help to maintain that child’s care and home matter into well being besides their shared effort of paying him or her.

In some cases, the spouse who has the higher-earning would be sometimes considered a noncustodial member and in such case, the court can also put obligation for the amount to be raised from some other reasonable platform.

Joint custody agreement between parents

There are certain agreements arranged by a single parent when the child is not in care as a custodian to allocate it in a better position to the non-custodial parent.

Additionally, there are also required written statements when payment is done and also when it’s not paid to the child requiring joint custody support.

The more amicable the parent’s relationship, the more flexible it tends to be.

Yet divorce attorney Greenville can also come to negotiate if there is any concern of the specific agreement signed in between the spouses for such particular joint custody.


It is essential for parents to share the physical agreements, to realize how the legal framework would work, and in such ways by these simple steps they can consider how to share joint custody to work and help their children become better by their combined financial support.

It matters mainly to decide how any such parents follow these rules and it would surely help to state the children’s future in a much better shape if all such decisions are made in the right legal way forward.

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