Wisconsin divorce: Common mistakes to avoid

Going through the divorce process can be stressful. Wisconsin, thankfully, allows couples to get divorced in as little as 120 days. This is a no-fault divorce state, and therefore, you don’t have to wash dirty linen in public to end the marriage. Although the laws are simple, people often make mistakes that impact the divorce process. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when filing for divorce. 

Not hiring a lawyer

Although not legally necessary, you must consult a family & divorce lawyer Wisconsin for your case. Divorce could impact a lot of things – your standard of living, your financial security, your relationship and time with the kids, and your assets. It is absolutely wise to get a divorce lawyer onboard to get advice and help on key aspects. Your lawyer will also take care of the paperwork and legal processes. 

Discussing things with children

No matter the outcome of the divorce, your child will suffer the impact of your decision. You may not want your child to love your spouse, but badmouthing about them could be a terrible mistake. Even if you are fighting over child custody and child support, do not get your kid involved in this. The divorce is between you and your spouse. 

Writing wrong things on social media

Do not make a decision to post about your divorce on social media. Especially when the divorce is still in process, you have to keep things private. Your friends and followers may show empathy, but what you need at this point in life is genuine unbiased legal advice. Your social media shouldn’t be the ground to settle scores.

Not communicating with the other spouse

We understand that things are not well between you and your spouse, but if you want to ease the divorce process, you have to make room for communication. If you don’t want to talk to your spouse directly, your lawyer can take over and negotiate for you. Settling key divorce matters amicably and without getting the court involved should be your first priority. 

Dating without getting divorced

You are lonely and need company. However, if you are not divorced yet, you need to hold your dating plans for a while. Keep in mind that your spouse could use your infidelity as a reason to get things done in their favor. If you are already dating someone, just keep things personal and let your lawyer know. 

Your lawyer can advise you on all aspects that concern your divorce.

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