Understanding Marriage Counselling

There are many reasons why you might seek marriage counselling Perth, but ultimately you’ll want to save your marriage.  During a session, the marriage counsellor will help a couple reach compromises and maybe even restore that feeling of togetherness they experienced when first getting married.  When seeking marriage counselling, your therapist will help you both explore the relationship, identify misunderstandings, and help resolve any conflicts.

The major goal of a marriage counsellor is to help the couples learn how to interact better and achieve a level of communication that will help improve their relationship.  Some couples will seek out general counselling Perth but it is better to see a therapist that specialises in marriage issues, given their experience and expertise in this field.

Most sessions are short-term but will help a couple improve their communication skills and how to rationally address differences. Accepting difference is a valuable problem-solving technique that will help improve a relationship.  Most of the time, marriage counselling Perth is attended by couples, and in rare occurrences, only one party will attend.  The counsellor may also carry out sessions with each partner individually, then bring the couple together to talk openly about their issues, while assisting to find solutions.

Some of the reasons for a couple to seek counselling can include:

  • Their sex life has faded and the couple wants to regain the spark but does not know how.
  • Communication has become toxic with very little to no talking between the couple.
  • Someone in the relationship is holding on to the past and cannot let go. This could be due to an affair, or some other previous traumatic experience.
  • Both cannot agree on a solution to reoccurring issues.
  • Having too many disagreements on family finances and the use of money in general.
  • Disagreements on how to raise the children.
  • Keeping secrets that might be too scary to talk about.
  • One or both of the parties are having, have had, or are contemplating an affair.
  • The couple is still in love but realise that there are problems in their marriage that remain unresolved, so they turn to a neutral third party for assistance.

When you are looking for a marriage counsellor, you could ask for recommendations from family and friends.  If you are not sure you need a marriage counsellor, you could seek general counselling Perth from the spiritual leader in your place of worship. If you do not achieve the clarity you’re seeking, then it is best to enlist the services of a trained professional who is well versed in marriage counselling.


When you have trouble in your marriage and visit a marriage counsellor, this does not always indicate that you can fix your relationship problems. But if you and your spouse are having trouble communicating, visiting a marriage counsellor may help to resolve issues and make your marriage stronger.

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