Warning Signs Of Parental Alienation 

Perhaps one of the most challenging things in a divorce is when your ex-spouse starts to badmouth you to your children, thus alienating them from you. This is known as parental alienation and is a harmful form of manipulation that can create distance between the child and the parent. 

If you think your ex-spouse might be saying inappropriate things about you to your child, it is essential to know how to recognize these signs. If these signs apply to your case, a contested divorce lawyer Birmingham can help you gather evidence against your ex-spouse. The court does not favor a badmouthing spouse, which could be a plus point for you. 

Warning signs of parental alienation 

  • Your relationship with your child seems to shift overnight. 

If you and your child have always shared a positive and healthy relationship ever since they were born, but they are suddenly showing hostility towards you, it is a major flag. Children do not change their thinking towards you just because you refuse to buy them their favorite snack. It might be because your ex-spouse is constantly saying bad things about you. When this happens, you may notice that your child is behaving differently all of a sudden. 

  • Your ex-spouse is preventing you from seeing your child. 

Excuses only work a few times before it becomes clear that your ex-spouse is trying to keep you away from your child. If your ex keeps giving you irrelevant reasons for not letting you see your child, it could be because they are trying to create a distance. They may also be telling your child that you are too busy to see them or are uninterested. 

  • Your child has developed a co-dependence with the alienating parent. 

Manipulation is a very dangerous thing that manifests silently. When a parent constantly acts like the victim and badmouths you to your child, the child becomes more sensitive and aware of the parent’s needs. When this happens, they consider the alienating parent’s needs the most and even keep them above their own. They begin acting and speaking protectively about the parent and even start adapting their ideologies. 

  • Your child gives you irrational reasons. 

If you confront your child about their newly hostile behavior towards you and they cannot give you a rational explanation, it is because they do not have one. They do not understand why they have grown to dislike, or their reasons are highly irrational. For example, they may blame your appearance or your cooking skills. 

If these signs seem familiar to you, you should contact an attorney in Birmingham before losing your child completely. No parent should experience hostility from their child without any reason. 

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