2 Major Factors Leading To Increased Number Of Juvenile Crimes In the Globe

According to a research report published by bold experts In the US, parenting styles in the world today are almost becoming alike. The similarity has been immense and largely contributed by socio-economic factors that affect parenting. What kind of a parent are you? 

Are you the Scandinavian type of parent or the “helicopter” kind of parent? Scandinavian are parents who are more or less the free category. So accessible in terms, they allow their children to imagine, make some mistakes, learn, socialize, have fun with minimal supervision.

On the other hand, the termed “helicopter” parents want to know each step their children take and guide. Both parenting strategies have their cons and pro. However, the helicopter category of parenting style has been greatly attributed to affecting child psychology, leading to personality disorders. A personality disorder is among the leading causes of juvenile crimes. That said, let us look deeply at other extenuating factors attributing to juvenile. 

Home Violence

It is almost certain that children brought up in a violent environment will become violent individuals as they grow. The violent characters start to show up in school, at home, and in the social setup. 

If you notice such behaviors with your child, it is advisable to talk with your son or daughter. If the situation worsens, you can seek advice from a professional life coach. For example, it was reported about two weeks ago in Japan that an 11-year-old schoolgirl was stabbed to death by her classmate.

The teacher of the alleged assailant confessed that the pupil had for some time portray a violent and rebellious character, and they tried to share with her parents about her personality. 

This case is evidence of the ripple effect of violence. Following interrogation by the crime investigators, it was discovered that the child experienced violence from home, her parents were frequently quarreling and fighting, and they were in the process of divorcing. Therefore, it essential as parents to ensure the home environment is peaceful and conducive for your kids despite your personal differences with your spouse.

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Peer Pressure

Peer influence, dramatically determines how likely your kid will behave around you and their siblings, the decisions they will make under certain circumstances, and how they will relate with age mates. 

Peer pressure primarily affects children in the teens’ age bracket. According to crime research, juvenile crimes are primarily expected in the hood and ghetto communities due to lowlife, and 90% of the cases are attributed to peer pressure. For example, if all their friends commit delinquencies, your children or child might be pressured to commit one to fit in.