Do You Really Need To Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

Congratulations! It’s taken years of planning and sacrifice to see you set foot in the land of opportunity. But the hard work has only begun. To make your dreams really come true, you will need to secure your residence status. And while you may have gotten this far by your own sweat, maybe it’s time you got a helping hand. Let’s discuss why you will need to enlist the services of an India immigration lawyer.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Nothing is more confusing than trying to navigate applications for residence and work permits in an alien country. The processes are hardly ever straightforward, and they’ll often change with little to no notice. This creates just too much room for error — and the slightest mistake could jeopardize your situation or invite costly consequences.

Having someone who’s well-acquainted with the ecosystem by your side could make all the difference. A good Indian immigration attorney will help you fill every document and make sure your papers are authorized by the relevant parties.

Don’t Get Cast Out

As if immigration matters weren’t complicated enough, the current pandemic has only made things worse. Issues like testing, quarantine, essential travel can throw a spanner in the works for even the most eligible of candidates. Heavens forbid that background checks unearth a single red flag! You’ll be pleading your case in front of a judge before you know it.

Such nightmares can be avoided by enlisting an experienced immigration lawyer. Not only are they familiar with all the laws applicable to your situation, but they can also advise you on how to fulfill the eligibility criteria. Most crucially, seasoned attorneys can spot problems before they materialize. You should know better than to peg your hopes on luck — especially if you know you have a less-than-stellar background.

Get it Right The First Time

Most people only consider hiring an attorney when things go south. If your first application was denied, for instance, a lawyer can get to the bottom of the issue and iron out the kinks. But why not take advantage of this expertise to help you get things right the first time round?

See, it’s easy to assume you’ll be given the green light because you “tick all the boxes.” But that’s only half the battle — there’s still a round of interviews in front of hawk-eyed government officials waiting for you. Guess what will happen should you fail to answer any question satisfactorily.

Working with an attorney will ensure you’re well-prepared for these hurdles. Their services will particularly prove helpful if you’re sponsoring a family member, such as your spouse.

Understand Your Options

No matter how bad things seem, you’re never out of options. A good India immigration lawyer will familiarize you with these options, and even help you take advantage of them. Even more importantly, they will work to make sure your rights are protected. With their extensive knowledge of local laws and due process, they can provide the last line of defense against overzealous government officials.

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