Hire A Lawyer If You’ve Been Accused Of A Third-Degree Sexual Crime

Third-Degree Sexual Crime

If you are being accused of behavior in the CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT 3RD DEGREE, you must have an experienced legal team. If you do not, you risk spending a significant amount of time behind bars if you are found guilty of the allegations against you. Do not hesitate to contact the highly acclaimed attorneys if you or a member of your family has been accused of criminal sexual behavior in Michigan’s third Degree.

  • If there was sexual penetration and any other one of the following also took place at the same time:
  • They are, at the very earliest, somewhere between the ages of 13 and 16, at the very youngest.
  • The other person has a third-degree relationship with the defendant, which can be proven by blood or affinity.

Let’s say that the person who did the wrong thing knows or should know that the victim is mentally or physically unable to fight back or protect themselves from what they did. In that case, this applies whether the perpetrator is aware of this fact or not.

If you want to go to jail for less than five years instead of 15 years, you need to find the best lawyer for your case of sexual assault. This will allow you to reduce the potential length of your sentence from 15 years down to less than 5. A conviction in the CSC has the potential to cause irreversible damage to an individual’s reputation. If you act promptly to recruit qualified lawyers, you can get closer to attaining the goals you have set for yourself. Because Michigan has a team of experts on sexual offenses, you can build an effective defense against any sexual offense charge brought against you in that state.

In a case involving criminal sexual behavior of the Third Degree, the burden of proof may be placed on the defendant for specific pieces of evidence. Suppose you need an experienced attorney on your side. If you do that, you might take advantage of chances to show the court that you are innocent and get a good result. If you have an experienced attorney, you can take advantage of these opportunities. Your attorney will ensure that you are in charge of your case and informed about everything going on with your sexual assault case in Michigan. This will be done by putting you in command of your case.

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