Laws And Charges: Here Are The Legal Grounds For Filing Criminal Defamation In Singapore

Did you know defamation is a grave criminal offence in Singapore? According to section 499 of the Penal Code 1871, whether words spoken, written, by signs or visual interpretation intended to ruin a person’s reputation is defamation. Defamation lawyers in Singapore frequently handle cases commonly from companies, media, and other known personalities. But it can happen to you or anyone you know, too. Inform yourself of the legal grounds of defamation with this list.

The nature of the statement should be defamatory.

Under the Defamation Act 1957, defamatory statements through electronic, written, or social media are acceptable in the High Court. If it is harming your reputation, get a criminal lawyer right away. But you may contact a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore if you’re the one accused. According to the Penal Code, defamatory statements can be directly or indirectly about a person. It’s a criminal law as long as it degrades a person’s moral character, values, and credit to the point that they become disgraceful.

The defamatory statement must pertain to the victim themself.

Only the person victimised by such malicious statements can file a defamation case through criminal law firms in Singapore. Substantial pieces of evidence are highly acceptable in the High court for Libel defamation cases. An instance, printed in a newspaper or a social media post.

The defamatory statement must be communicated to a third party.

For Slander defamation cases, a third party is highly crucial. The High Court assesses the defamation damages by the number of people who have seen the defamatory statement. Having the top criminal lawyer in Singapore can also help with gathering witnesses or a third party.

In Singapore, only the best criminal lawyer can help reduce your charges and the time of your imprisonment. Defamation is a grave crime in the country. If the accused is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, they may face two-year imprisonment and pay a fine.

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