Why car buyers should be careful about Odometer tampering

Car Dealership Owner Arrested for Odometer Tampering

Odometer tampering is a problem faced by a lot of car buyers. By tampering with the odometer, car dealerships often sell cars that have more mileage than what is told to a seller. Dishonest car dealers do this for their benefit.  

After spending money on the car, no car buyer would like it if their car does not work as they had wanted. 

Car buyers must have had certain expectations while purchasing, and tampering with the odometer is an inexcusable offense committed by car dealerships. Tampering with the odometer is cheating, and gullible customers should not fall for it.

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How to stop getting fooled by car dealers?

  • Car buyers should be well aware of certain things before they buy a car. 
  • Firstly they should verify the car documents and see if there are any problems with the car odometer. It is important to note that verifying the car documents does not always help. Just like odometers, documents can also be easily meddled with.
  • Before you buy a car, have the mechanic go over it to make sure there are no signs of odometer tampering. They can tell if an odometer has been messed with or not.
  • Test driving of the car is a great way of determining if the car’s odometer has been tampered with. If the car does not drive smooth as said by the car dealership, the reason could be tampering with the odometer.
  • If the components of the car feel more aged than excepted, it is also a telltale sign that the odometer has been meddled with.
  • Car buyer should look for all the above-mentioned signs if they suspect tampering with the odometer of their vehicle.

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How to reconcile an odometer tampering situation?

If you find out that your car’s odometer is tampered, you surely can get out of the situation. Given below are some of the ways how you can do it:

1) Visit a serviceman

Visiting a serviceman who does not work under your car dealer is a workable solution in this case. Servicemen can check with their equipment if there is tampering with the car odometer. Since they are experienced enough in automobiles, they can easily find out signs of tampering with the odometer.

2) Visit a lawyer

While a serviceman can tell you if there is a problem with the odometer, you need to take the aid of a lawyer if you want to get out of your circumstance. Your car dealer has cheated on you and it’s natural for you to be frustrated.  Tampering with the odometer is a crime. According to the Damage disclosure statement NC, no car dealer can sell a car with a tampered odometer. Asking for the help of a lawyer can be greatly beneficial for you, and you can even get your money back in this process.

Tampering with the odometer is illegal according to the Damage disclosure statement NC. This article makes readers aware of car dealers who tamper with the car odometer.

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