How much does it cost to hire an Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer?

Being charged with a crime can change the course of your life. Regardless of whether you were charged with DUI or serious offenses such as assault in Oklahoma, you should seek legal counsel. Most people in such circumstances usually have their doubts about the need for an attorney. While you can choose to work on your defense, it could be a risky step. Hiring top attorneys at Fassio Law doesn’t have to be expensive, and the firm also offers free consultation for most clients. In this post, we are sharing what it takes to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

The hourly arrangement

It is typical for criminal defense lawyer to work at an hourly rate. Depending on the complexities of the case, they will usually give you a ballpark on how much you would spend in the long run. In addition to that, many law firms also charge a retainer fee, which is what you pay to have the legal team on your side. The fee of an attorney depends on several factors, including their area of expertise and their overall track record.

The flat fee arrangement

Many criminal defense lawyers also work on a flat rate, especially for minor cases where the work is limited. Unless there is additional work involved, the lawyer will not charge you more. Keep in mind that the flat fee arrangement is not very usual.

Know the structure

As a client, you must take your time to evaluate law firms. You should have an estimate in advance, and because criminal lawyers often charge on the higher side, you should be able to afford the attorney. Having a clear engagement letter or contract is always a good idea, and if there are other related expenses that you must pay for, the attorney should mention that too.

Factors to consider

Don’t hire an attorney just because they are the most expensive or cheapest of the shortlisted option. Just because a lawyer is charging more, it doesn’t mean they are the best in business. The work profile of the attorney, whether they have been to trial for similar cases, and if they are well-connected are aspects that matter.

Don’t delay calling a criminal defense lawyer because the sooner they get on board, the better your chances of getting an optimal outcome. A skilled local attorney also has the contacts you need to work on the case.

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