Reasons To Hire A Green Card Attorney

Anyone who has endured the process of applying for a green card will tell you that it is not something you should do alone. This is especially important for people who have no experience and little to no knowledge about the formalities. There is extensive paperwork, which becomes more tedious for people whose first language is not English. 

Many potential immigrants are not clear about the process. The lack of information becomes a barrier between them and their goals. Here is where a Dallas green card lawyer can come for help. A skilled and experienced professional can provide the strong representation you need. 

Reasons to hire a green card attorney 

  • An attorney avoids mistakes. 

Filing the correct paperwork with the correct and accurate information is crucial to bringing your loved one to the USA. The paperwork is nowhere near simple, and without the help of an expert, there are many ways one can make errors. These mistakes can cause a delay in the process or, worse, lead to permanent rejection. An attorney understands the law and walks you through the process without allowing you to make mistakes. 

  • An attorney tells you all the options. 

An experienced attorney is well-versed with the laws and has handled various cases in their lifetime. Therefore, they know what to do when they see an obstacle in the process. For example, you are required to show your birth certificate while applying for a green card. If you do not have the certificate with you, you may not apply for it. However, an attorney in Dallas can tell you about your alternative options that the average person may be unaware of. 

  • An attorney will do it right on the first attempt. 

If you choose to retain a green card attorney, you can rest assured that your application will go smoothly on the first attempt itself. For example, if you want to sponsor your spouse, an attorney who has handled hundreds of cases like yours before will process the application with ease. 

You neither have experience nor knowledge, so if you decide to do it on your own, you will likely be faced with a lot of confusion. Instead of wasting your time learning the law from Internet articles, it is better to have an expert by your side. 

  • An attorney will advocate for you.

It is uncommon for the USCIS to issue decisions that are legally or factually incorrect. You may not notice the wrongs, but an attorney will. An attorney will know when the government agencies are wrong and fight for you. 

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