Road Accident: Entrust Your Defense To An Expert Lawyer To Be Properly Compensated

Medical expertise remains the solution for compensation corresponding to actual bodily injury. This final consolidation certificate is required in the final compensation offer mechanism. Lawyers help you in your legal battle to assert your rights regarding the bodily injury caused by your accident. We help you assess the extent of your damage if you have serious injuries related to this stroke. The insurer will always put its economic interests before yours. Not the lawyer, since the interests are mutual! Using a consultation with our law firm can be very profitable to obtain the best compensation, especially since this consultation is free and without obligation.

Here are 4 good reasons to contact a lawyer in our firm:

  • The high success rate to obtain the expected compensation.
  • Reactivity and professionalism in the treatment of your file.
  • Empathy and relational sense in the face of the trauma you encountered during your car or motorcycle accident.
  • Constant involvement in your file.

The importance of choosing the right professionals like Stracci Law Group for instance in the event of an accident-causing serious injury

Why Choose A Lawyer Expert In Accidents?

For example, in the context of a traffic accident with cases of death or resulting injuries requiring you to go to a rehabilitation center or the burden of primary care, know that the criminal route is never to be preferred. This will considerably slow down the processing of your file. A criminal investigation can be decided, and it is at least a loss of 2 years before going before the Court. Always favor the civil way: it is the fastest way. Also, when the insurer of your legal protection discourages you and pushes you to seize the criminal judge, please do not listen to him; always rely on your lawyer’s advice.

At the same time, do not follow the advice of your insurer, especially if he is in charge of settling your compensation. You risk falling into the insurance trap because of an obvious conflict of interest. Insurers have the reputation and the unfortunate tendency of wanting to reduce the assessment of harm and damage suffered. Another example is that sometimes, if you are the victim of an accident by your fault, and if you benefit from an all-risk insurance contract, you can obtain compensation.

But beware, some contracts provide for compensation thresholds. They can be 5 to 10% permanent functional deficit (PFD). In other words, according to certain agreements signed between companies, your insurer can take charge of your compensation. The condition is that the latter must estimate that your sequelae functional deficit has a rate greater than 5% during the medical expertise. But in most cases, when a lawyer or medical adviser does not assist the victims, coincidentally, the assessment rate is often less than 5%. In other words, you will never be compensated if you have an assessment of 4% of your DFP.

This is why you must always exercise reserve when a doctor mandated by your insurer directly assesses your medical expertise. The assessed rate will miraculously be less than or equal to this 5%. Without a lawyer, you will surely be compensated, at least. Always get a lawyer such as car accident lawyer in indiana to defend you no matter what. You will lose otherwise.

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