Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? – Contact an Employment Lawyer

Sexual harassment cases cannot be ignored even if the person has just passed a remark about your body. At the workplace, things may get more complicated because you will have to face the person on a daily basis. You should bring it to the notice of your management so that the matter can be resolved at the right time. If you are unable to get any response, you should contact one of the Connecticut employment lawyers, who specialize in sexual harassment laws. They can inform you about your rights to file a lawsuit against the person. 

Sexual harassment defined

It may not affect your job, salary or promotions. However, there have been several instances when a person has sexually been harassed by asking for a sexual favor in return for an increase in salary or promotions.  These cases are more complex and serious than expected because the victim of sexual harassment has to undergo a lot of stress and mental disturbance. She may not be able to work properly because it can ruin her focus on the work and performance.

It has been observed that these proposals may come from a person, who is in authority and in good standing in the company. He may ask his female employees for going out for dinner, on vacations and spend time outside the office. If you file a sexual harassment case against him, he will have to pay for the damages he has caused to an employee. However, the victim has to act fast and report the case to the human resource department.

Taking the right steps

If you have sexually been harassed, you should not stay quiet and expect things to settle down without doing anything. Many such cases remain unreported because victims either leave their jobs or agree to the terms of their abusers unwillingly. However, they should use their legal rights and options. All they have to do is to contact an employment attorney, who can handle the case and help them file a lawsuit against the abuser.

First, the victim should collect the evidence and send an email to the management. In many cases, companies don’t do much about these cases because it may spoil their reputation.  The employee has to take the decision and find a lawyer. By doing so, the victim can continue working in the office and getting justice at the same time. No one can ill-treat an employee if she has filed a sexual harassment case. 

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