Should you hire a Medicaid planning lawyer? Find here!

You need to have an estate plan, which should communicate your wishes with regard to your properties and assets. However, it is not just about that. You must also plan for long-term care, and for that Medicaid planning is critical. Medicaid is a federal & state-funded program that offers help with different healthcare costs for people who have low incomes and limited assets. The average life span of Americans is considerably longer now, and it only makes sense to think about Medicaid. Hiring a Medicaid planning lawyer New Jersey can come in handy. Here is an overview for your help. 

  1. Your lawyer has no conflict of interest. If you end up in a nursing home, where the staff is helping you with your Medicaid application, the chances are high that the facility wants you to pay from your own pocket. Your lawyer doesn’t have such a conflict of interest and will do what it takes to advise you on availing Medicaid benefits. 
  2. Knowledge and experience. You cannot deny the fact that attorneys offering Medicaid planning and estate-related services work on hundreds of cases every year. They have the experience and expertise to advise clients on key matters. They can also offer insight on how you can live a life of dignity or how you can stay home and seek Medicaid benefits. 
  3. Have your peace of mind. Lawyers specializing in elder law and Medicaid planning can offer bespoke advice on your legal matters. They can ensure that you don’t lose everything because you are seeking the program benefits. If there are obstacles in the process, your attorney can iron out the issues. You can have peace of mind that your Medicaid application and related work is in the right hands. 

Medicaid is for everyone in need, especially seniors who often need support for long-term care. The process of Medicaid planning is a confusing one, and you could take additional measures to ensure that you qualify for the benefits. For instance, if your spouse still has considerable assets, you may still qualify for Medicaid, depending on the circumstances. Talk to an attorney who can offer advice on key matters and the facts that can impact your application. You are never too early or late to plan your estate, and given that the future is always unpredictable, you have to consider the possible need for Medicaid. 

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