Ways to Deal With Divorce, when Spouse Wants a Divorce but you Still Love Them?

These are heart-wrenching moments when it comes to divorce, and there are a lot of ways by which it has happened to spouses.

IN such cases, sometimes the female spouse still wants to come back, to legally sort things out and hence wish to rejoin the family that she was so well connected earlier.

Here are some tips to consider if you are a spouse, wish to join back, and still love him that could solve things in a much better way.

Still, there’s always a legal way to return back and for that, you can consider a Family law attorney, Los Angeles, or for a lawyer, you can connect to a divorce lawyer Los Angeles to make it a fair account.

Do not retaliate or apt out

The momentary urge to get on or act out is only a few second response and you can resist them.

Taking action on behalf of being angry or being hurt would satisfy you to take any action but later it would hurt you too. There is a certain example of women deeply getting hurt on the comment made, like late retention in post-pregnancy time and going for divorce that would later find not to be the right solution.

Even such types of retaliation are common in other remarks, but the thing is that they don’t give you a bright future, and they only urge you separation, loneliness, and wanting someone else who would misuse your position and make the most of it. The basic advice is to avoid such situations, though exceptions may be there that the wife still loves her husband, the person who is man is still honking to have the divorce, but you have to calm and not retaliate.

However, it can also be an opposite scenario, and in this case, some steps can be taken, like:  

  • Don’t bad mouth on your love or your parents; find a support group instead to handle situations
  • Don’t buy yourself such things which you want but can’t afford as the core issue of divorce is mostly found to be high pulsing credit bills
  • Don’t act by destroying your loved one’s possession, if you have physical anger, go and release it in martial arts class.

Try not to escalate

If you are still married and fighting like a couple, it’s tough to remain calm in such an imperative situation.

Your husband may threaten you to get a divorce, but in an actual sense, he might be willing to stop fighting for which he has to use this way.

It is sometimes a tactic to make the loving person stop and try to reclaim the bonding both used to have in their early years but not having any idea how to reclaim it back.

When arguments escalate, people speak out strange things in anger which seems to have been invented whether they were later presented as testimonials. In case of an unwanted divorce looming ahead, it’s better to protect your interest and still stay married.

And if you want legal help, a family law attorney Los Angeles is the best person to go through, and also you may like to consider a Divorce lawyer, Los Angeles relative to your current stage who would be more than willing to help and solve your problems.

Just keep in mind that an aggressive lawyer may preclude one-to-one mediation and it’s better to have such mediation on terms first.

Remember that lawyers would litigate to earn money by handling divorce cases, meanwhile, mediators are hired to bring harmony in between 2 members but they also take charge.

It mostly becomes your choice whether to have an attorney or a mediator and find solutions to your problems if you still love your spouse.

If addiction is a factor, Get help

One of the problems that lurk for a couple during the hard times before divorce that to relive their past romantic life, they get involved in some type of addictive behaviors.

there’s no doubt that if your husband is going to be addicted, you would use your own countermeasures, and sometimes also he would have tried it not to show and you would have asked it to reveal himself.

Whatever may be the reason for the type, if some addiction exists, it’s hard to thrive on marriage relations and you must start to find out how to address them and also look at your reactions?

If he has problem behavior and you still love him, there is still a way to ensure dignity and sanity, so try to make him recover.

You can also try Alanon or 12 steps programmed to get him out of such addiction and solve the entire matter out.

Explore your deepest truth

The hard truth is that in some cases wives do love their husband, and in others wife do seem to be attached in marriage but they think differently of their husbands as persons.

These both things look similar but they are different, you need to be motivated within your relationship as your husband would make you feel at some point of time that how he thinks of you too.

If you are clinging to the idea that you do love him but deep down feel insecure about your marriage, it will naturally push him away.

However if you purely love him, the emotion would change, and remain genuine and the person would remain with you for a longer time for sure.


Relationship requires trust, faith, and more than anything love of both partners towards each other. Divorce is not a big strategy, it only requires an official document, but bonding is a better measurement that takes spending time, understanding your partner, and if you really love him, it would certainly stay firm with your life.