Where to File for Divorce When You Live in Different Cities

One common issue a couple planning to get a divorce majorly face at the time being that where they should file for such divorce if they are living in 2 separate places.

Not only is it a concern for their future lives, but also prudent on the course they should proceed with while the entire legal process goes on, thus it becomes more crucial to decide their exact location while the legal way for divorce goes on in court.

Mostly it’s essential to determine jurisdiction as it’s the first basic element of any legal case or lawsuit to file and it is the same in concern to divorce while choosing the place to precede the legal process.

In the case of a marriage relation legal process taking place within the court, it would mostly depend on the law code under which such marriage was solemnized and that determines the local and regional limits for preceding such a certain case.

Such certain law codes or acts help provide a proper jurisdiction and help precede such a case on a divorce but in a matter of a settled place to choose on with both spouses living differently, it’s better to point out few considerations within such state laws that govern the entire process in the United States.

Though if you are not cleared how to approach to tackle your divorce case with both spouses living in separate places, it’s better to have a family law attorney, Los Angeles, or for such matters of course better get in touch with a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to set all things in proper concern.

Jurisdiction under local states law 

It’s a common practice in the United States that state laws govern the entire legal matters and family law that represents divorce also comes in their nature.

According to such legal provisions, there are certain local limits, and they may include:

  • Where the marriage was firstly in legal ways solemnized?
  • Where the respondent at the time of presentation did reside??
  • Where the parties who agreed to such legal terms did reside together?
  • If the wife is present, her location of recital during the legal petition or suit to file
  • The petitioner is residing in any area separately or haven’t been heard in town for the last 7 years

By such means, it becomes clear that the couple despite living separately do have the option to file a lawsuit in a place where they used to live as a couple, or they were currently residing recently or even in a place that belongs to such persons separately.

However, in the case of a female spouse, she can precede her own region benefit and not have to file a lawsuit where her husband currently resides.

And this is the first condition on which basis a lawsuit can be filed in a certain region of choice considering legal ways while the couple is living in 2 separate places.

In such legal treatment considering the local governing rules of state laws in the United States, there can be a fore considered, and it may include: 

  • The area of residing in past as a married couple
  • The location that was changed after the separation of both personnel’s
  • Understanding the current living condition of both in separate areas
  • Deciding the concerns of such place that is not heard of or including the other person being not heard of living close by
  • Mostly the time limit of separate places and how it has been determined

And these are some factors that may decide the way any lawsuit hmula in which a lawsuit by a couple’s both person in living separate place can bas to be filed by a couple residing in a separate place but still have certain options to choose from while filing the case.

Again the female spouse has the option to file in her local area, and the male spouse can also determine to fight a lawsuit based on his choice by mutual consent between both.

What does reside and last resided mean? 

While considering the legal way in front while the matter of living, it’s better to also understand the proper meaning of ‘resides’. There are certain legal decisions made even in the United States to decide a person to be a permanent resident and casual visits are not going to consider it further. Like a holiday trip on a visa, a business trip, or a short stay would not be an attendant decision to provide the residential status of any person in such country also.

However the term ‘last resides’ means the place where the couple used to live together and the condition to fulfill this term is that such couple has spent a long time together in such a place. Most lawyers who file a lawsuit for divorce of a couple living in 2 separate places or other separate terms do have a concern whether how it’s interpreted by a couple and on such basis decide to provide a place of selection to file a lawsuit for divorce.

If you still have doubts on such separate place matters, there are family law attorneys in  Los Angeles, and more than that Divorce lawyers, Los Angeles are ready to help express the conditions on filing a lawsuit in such condition. They should let you decide the proper place of selection to file a lawsuit for divorce if it’s the condition of 2 or multiple separate places and settle it around.