Different Types of Vein Treatments Popular in Newberry

Vein treatment is a way of treating a vein that has been diagnosed as problematic. For instance, varicose veins are the most common type of vein disease, and there are many different ways to treat them. There are minimally invasive and invasive treatments, which all require different times to heal. Some types of treatments include surgical procedures that use ultrasound or laser technology to seal off the vein so it cannot leak blood anymore.

The most popular types of vein treatment in Newberry include sclerotherapy, venaseal, laser vein treatment, and a liquid nitrogen-infused ultrasound. Doctors usually recommend vein treatment as per your condition and the doctor’s findings. If a person has a vein problem in their leg, for instance, their doctor may recommend vein treatment.

Let us now see the most popular vein treatments prevalent in Newberry.

  • Sclerotherapy

There are various types of sclerotherapy veins treatment that can be used. These treatments include cryotherapy, laser, and radiofrequency combination treatments. Cryo sclerotherapy is the most common vein treatment as it requires the patient to sit outside in a hyperbaric chamber and then have their legs frozen until they go numb. After that, the frozen legs will be thawed out and then injected with medication or a liquid solution to shrink the vein walls.

  • Endovenous techniques

Endovenous techniques are most commonly used with varicose veins, which are very hard to treat. For instance, venous duplex ultrasound is a way of treating veins that need to drain back to the heart. It is an ultrasound procedure that uses a small rubber band to hold the vein in place. The procedure is painless but can be expensive and can take up to three months for complete resolution.

  • Microsurgery treatments

There are many kinds of microsurgery treatments, but they can be treated with ultrasound or laser technology. Most microsurgery procedures are done in a hospital. They include ultrasound ablation and ultrasound sclerotherapy.

  • Venaseal

This is one of the newer types of vein treatments available in Newberry, but it has already become a popular option for patients who have varicose veins. This treatment uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the vein and then seal it off so there will no longer be blood leakage from the vein.

  • Varithena

Another popular vein treatment is the Varithena, which is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done at a clinic. It uses radiofrequency energy to create a passage for blood to flow back through the vein. This treatment has been proven effective in treating telangiectasia, spider veins, and facial veins.

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