My Neighbor’s Dog Just Bit Me, What to do Next?

Dogs bite when they are scared, provoked, or stressed. So, even if you think otherwise, you are still vulnerable to certain attacks or bites even from the friendliest dog in your neighborhood. With that, you might get a bit confused about what to do when you become a victim of an unusual incident such as getting bitten by your neighbor’s friendly dog.

Remember that most dog bites require medical attention. So, who is liable for such an attack when you get injured? Fortunately, there are legal remedies related to dog bites especially when you are going to make a claim. This is when experienced dog bite injury lawyers come to your aid.

What to do when bitten by your neighbor’s dog?

Here are steps that you would want to do when you get bitten by your neighbor’s dog.

  • Get immediate medical attention

You should get prompt medical attention when you are bitten by a dog because rabies and other diseases can be transmitted through this. In fact, cases can become severe if not treated immediately.

  • Document the details of the incident

It is important to document what really happened during that day. You may have a written testimony of any witnesses present during the incident or obtain some photos as evidence before getting help from dog bite injury lawyers to help you process the case.

  • Have a conversation with your neighbor

You need to discuss what happened to you with your neighbor so that you may be given assistance to settle the medical bills. You may be able to prevent any further conflict with your neighbor when you resolve the issue at your level.

  • Talk to experienced dog bite injury lawyers

This is necessary only if your neighbor has become uncooperative and has failed to come to an agreement with you after you have been bitten by his or her dog.

Compensation for dog bite injury


There are certain costs involved when you get into a dog bite injury which include the following.

  • Medical treatment for the injury from the dog bite
  • Income lost after missing work
  • Personal belongings damaged during the attack
  • Disability or scar from the bite
  • Emotional distress

You can talk to your neighbor to cover the costs involved from the dog bite. However, if your neighbor is unwilling to do so, then you might want to pursue legal action by contacting dog bite injury lawyers in your area.

Final take


If your neighbor’s dog bit you, it is your responsibility to determine the extent of the damage from the incident. Therefore, you need to seek proper medical attention before anything else.

You can only go to court for a settlement if your neighbor is uncooperative and unresponsive to your request for compensation to cover the expenses incurred against their insurance company.

You can then consult an experienced dog bite injury lawyer as a last resort so that you can discuss your case further and therefore ensure the best help possible after analyzing your case at hand. This will also guarantee that any applicable insurance policy can cover the court award you are going to receive if your case is successful.