The legal termination of a relationship in the courtroom or through a different appropriate entity is referred to as a divorce. Neither the husband nor the wife, the scenario can indeed be exceedingly uncomfortable. The strain of going through a divorce is increased by the necessity to negotiate a lot of legal concerns in addition to the psychological toll. The disposition of the properties is one important issue that comes up. Do have a look at: https://bestdivorcelawyerinbangalore.com/ to contact divorce lawyers in bangalore.


The wife’s entitlement to her husband’s property while they are still together

Even if a woman’s property ownership following separation is now obvious, it is still crucial to understand her entitlement to her husband’s assets when they are still legally married.

A 50% part of the husband’s assets, comprising his ancestors’ property, will be authorized for the wife. She additionally should reside in the marital residence and receive support and maintenance from her spouse.

Therefore, she will not be permitted to establish her claiming in the asset if the husband decides to forbid her from inheriting his possessions in his will.

The wife’s property ownership, whether moveable or immovable, on her husband’s property varies depending on a variety of variables. The majority of disagreements even during a divorce occur during the division of assets. During this moment, the individual must be mindful of their rights.


Wife’s property rights concerning her personal belongings

Intangible asset entails any other type of personal possession that can be moved from one place to another. We will talk about the wife’s post-divorce rights to a capital asset in this part.



The term “stridhan” describes the possessions that are handed to a lady when she marries. This comprises presents like money, cards, and accessories. Regardless of a divorce, the wife still owns the stridhan.

Therefore, if the husband contributed financially to the purchase of these gifts, he may establish a claim to them after the separation.



The husband’s investments will no longer be subject to the wife’s privileges. Additionally, she won’t be allowed to submit any requests for coverage for which the spouse has already paid the premiums. The wife may, nevertheless, recover her husband’s treasury bonds after his passing if the pair just separated rather than having their marriage formally dissolved.


Wife’s property laws while the pair is still married but separated

The woman is taken into consideration to be the partner’s legal spouse only if the court has formally pronounced the pair to be “divorced.” Therefore, the wife and their offspring have the claim to her marital assets until the separation is formally granted.

The wife and kids will continue to be entitled to the husband’s property even if he marries again. But if the partner has kids from a previous relationship, those kids also get a piece of the inheritance.


After a relationship breakdown, can the wife seek the husband’s parents’ assets?

Wives have no claim to their husbands’ parents’ inheritance. The wife cannot be eligible to inherit the assets considering that she is not a victim of circumstances in her husband’s family group, which is required in Hindu joint families.


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